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    Address:No.1 Baisha Road, Yanfeng District,Hengyang City, Hunan Province, China

Transformer Core









Transformer Core of the company mainly include oil immersed transformer iron cores, dry type transformer iron cores, special transformer iron cores, amorphous alloy iron cores and current transformers of voltage level of 110KV and below with capacity of 4000KVA and below. The workshop has a 1000mm vertical cutting line which can produce silicon steel sheet with burr ≤0.02mm and the quality of the products processed by this line completely meet the international standards.



After Cutting



Amorphous alloy is a new type energy saving material which is produced using the quick quenching and solidification technology. Its metal atoms exhibit disorderly amorphous body arrangement which is completely different from the crystal structure of silicon steel so it is easy for this material to be magnetized and lose magnetism. For transformer iron cores made of this material, the transformer magnetization process becomes easier, thus significantly reducing no-load loss of the transformers. In addition, it can effectively reduce emission of hazardous gases such as CO, SO2 and NOX during production, hence called the “green material of the 21st century”.




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